Group Wise Migrator

DMSMigrator is the ultimate Document Management System Migration & Copy utility.

Let’s say, you have a productiv Novell GroupWise DMS System and would like to export/import some documents. Therefore, you have certain availble Tools provided by Novell itself. However, all of this Tools do have one large Problem, you will have to export them 1 by 1 or you will have to accept, that they are exported by Document Number and you will have to rename it manualy. Now, this is one of DMS Migrators strength, it allows to automate such situation for easy copy of Data, without loosing any urgent content.

- By Example, lets say, you have configured your Mailbox to look like this

It would be migrate like that. The whole Structure is recreated at the FileSystem

–> You have serval Documents structured, like it is shown below:
It would migrate the whole Stucture as shown below

–> Lets take Sample.JPG, which is Document Nr. 19
It will be Exported as Sample.jpg File, not as 19.jpg which is Novells Default

–> Lets take TestDok_1 which is Document Nr. 11 and a TXT File
It will be Exported as TestDok_1.txt, not as 11.txt. has an average of 50-100 Documents, and you are able to export 50 Documents per 30 Minutes including FileStructure (which is optimistic, you got to be very fast)

DMS Migrator +

Further more DMSMigrator is able to do a clever export, as of we do not Export always the Same Dokument Link over and over again, rather we will create LNK Files, which point to the First Exported Version, which can save a huge amount of DiskSpace

–> Lets take Sample.JPG, Doc 19, which is in the Recent Document List
It will be exported now as Sample.LNK, which points to the previous exported \USERID\root\Cabinet\Test\Test1\Sample.JPG.

Further more, you can automate your Export, using a simple unatended Process, which allows you, to run this Process automated during UserLogon, which simplifies the Migration Process further more without User or IT Interaction. It gives you the possiblity to rebuild the whole DMS at the FileSystem

DMSMigrator Professional +

Will combine DMS Migrator + and DMS Migrator Professional +, therefore its the fully automated and DiskSpace saving DMS Migration Solution. You will only loose the saving of compression, brought trough Groupwise, if you don’t export to a compressed Drive. If you export to a WebServer, you will be able to Full-Text Index your File-System DMS again, therefore you don’t loose any functionality for the User, but are able to Backup & Restore any single Document without any Problem or to Import it into any other DMS System, such as Microsofts Share Point Portal Server

Trustee Module

Lets supose, you would realy like to rebuild you DMS into a FileSystem, this feature allows to Migrate the Sharing Rights for every Document, which completes your DMS Migration from this prospective as well. The Module allows a Trustee File for a NetWare Server or for a ACL File for NTFS. It contains a feature, to have diffrent Usernames for Source (GroupWise) and Target System (NTFS FileSystem, NetWare FileSystem)

XML Module

This Module creates a XML File, which contains all META Information stored in GW DMS. Therefore all Attributes stored together with the Document are available for Migration to any other DMS System such as SharePoint Portal Server, WinDream, Documentum.

(SharePoint Portal OptionPack)

(not yet available – still under development) This Module will optimize the Import into Microsofts Sharepoint Portal 2003 Server including structure, Meta Data, and Trustees
(Bundle: Contains DMS Migrator Professional +, XML Feature, SPP Option Pack) –> Detailed product specification not set until BetaRelease is available

(WinDream OptionPack)

(not yet available – still under development/planning) This Module will optimize the Import into WinDream, including structure, Meta Data, and Trustees
(Bundle: Contains DMS Migrator Professional +, XML Feature, WinDream Option Pack) –> Detailed Product specification not set until BetaRelease is available

Additional Option Packs

Depending on User Request, other Option Packs can be Developed. Please talk to our Sales Representative for your personal offering for any custom Version

Please contact us to get more information.

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